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This post falls under the category of "shameless begging." I am in the later stages of writing a book (based on my dissertation) called Carnap, Quine, and Tarski's Year Together. The plan is to send the manuscript to the publisher in about two months, i.e. very early July. Between then and now, the only thing I'm working on is the book.

I need your help with this. I would greatly appreciate any feedback, large or small, on the manuscript. It definitely needs to be looked at by a fresh set of eyes (preferably attached to a clever mind, but I'll take what I can get). The manuscript can be downloaded, as a 1MB Word file, here.

Thanks in advance to anyone who lends a hand. In my limited experience, the greater the number of people who tear apart something I've written, the better the final product is.

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At 10/6/07, Blogger Peter Smith said...

Looks very interesting -- but the symbols don't show up for me (Word isn't reliably cross-platform). Better to post a PDF.

And did you really mean you want to send stuff off to the publisher in early July?

At 11/6/07, Blogger GF-A said...

Hi Peter --

You're right -- I should put up a pdf. I'll do that in the next day or two.

And the hope was, in fact, to send off the MS in early July: I thought that two months of working 9-5 on something I'd been working on for the previous 3+ years would do the trick... though halfway through those 2 months, the forecast is 50-50 that I send it off on time.

At 26/6/07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Greg --,

I have read the first three chapters of the draft of your book and have marked some of its "potential" (--not necessarily actual,) typographical mistakes. If you are interested in it send me an email adr. in order to send it for you.

Best wishes,


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