Carnap on the internets

There is no internet acronym that adequately captures my feelings about this post, which I found via my google alert for Carnap:

"There has never been a scientific scam in the history of mankind as big as the science swindle of "climate change." Nothing comes close. Modern scientific hustles like mesmerism, phrenology, eugenics, the Piltdown man, and even Lysenkoism, pale in comparison to the flimflam of anthropomorphic global warming (AGW).

There was, however, one astonishing episode in the early part of the 20th century in mathematics and logic which conceptually roughly parallels the current crisis of science behind AGW. It was the destruction of the dream of the Vienna Circle of the completion of logic. Kurt Gödel, the German mathematician and philosopher, put the philosophical fantasy of "the elimination of metaphysics through the logical analysis of language" to rest[i].

Gödel's two "Incompleteness Theorems" exposed fundamental flaws in the foundations of a school of philosophy known as Logical Positivism. In a somewhat similar vein, the release of the e-mails for the University of East Anglia precipitated the collapse of the house of cards of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the "science" behind AGW. ..."

If that's not enough enlightenment for you, the original post continues for several more paragraphs.


At 14/3/10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have rarely (if ever) read such a collection of falsehoods. The number of mistakes is truly astonishing. I usually attribute such nonsense to ignorance, but in this case, I wonder if it is deliberate.

At 14/3/10, Anonymous Jonathan Livengood said...

Crap. The previous comment was mine ... I just forgot to sign it! (I don't know whether to thank you for the link or not, though. A few minutes I'll never get back. Ugh.)

At 14/3/10, Anonymous Kenny said...

Anthropomorphic global warming? Human-shaped global warming? I'm trying to imagine what a human-shaped climate trend would look like...

At 16/3/10, Blogger Greg Lavers said...

WOW --- That is spectacularly crazy.


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