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My google alert for 'Carnap' usually just turns up stories about carjacking gangs in the Philippines. But today I got the following little gem, from essaymill.com. (The title of my post refers to the first sentence below -- and please check out the last sentence of the first paragraph.)

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At 9/6/10, Blogger Roger Bishop Jones said...

It looks like a proforma advertisment for essay writing services into which whatever subject the student is searching for is substituted, in this case Carnap.

At 9/6/10, Blogger Jonathan Livengood said...

How much does it cost to get my own Rudolf Carnap fallacies? And, seriously, you want Carnap taught in grade schools? I mean, I know you like the guy, but ... ;)

At 9/6/10, Blogger The Motsinger said...

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At 9/6/10, Blogger The Motsinger said...

I've always wanted to know what the cause and effects of Rudolf Carnap were, but I felt it was too personal to inquire.

At 9/6/10, Blogger P.D. Magnus said...

Brilliant. The Rudolf Carnap Fallacies sounds like bad vaudeville, a revue of salacious sense data. Certainly not suitable for grade school children.

At 12/6/10, Blogger Greg Frost-Arnold said...

Jonathan and P.D. --

I just remembered that They Might Be Giants, in their most recent album for young children, quote Carnap in the song "Science is Real". Video here.


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