On the relation between philosophy of science and political action

Did any other philosophers of science out there notice this on last night's Colbert Report?


At 18/8/11, Blogger P.D. Magnus said...

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At 18/8/11, Blogger P.D. Magnus said...

Is that a real screen capture?

At 18/8/11, Blogger Greg Frost-Arnold said...

Yup -- It's at the 15:20 mark in the full episode, if you want to see it scroll by with your own eyes. There were some funny names last night in the scrollbar, the highlight for me being "Ferret Pewpew".

At 26/8/11, Anonymous Ali Reza said...

I wish I could see this video via my slow internet!
but as far as I know the most political philosophy of science in Iran is Popper's :-)


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