Neurath and Russell

So I'm reading Otto Neurath's "Universal Jargon and Terminology" (you know, like you do), and I see this on the first page:

"Bertrand Russell presented his classic thesaurus of symbolic tools;"

What text do you think Neurath has in mind?  (I didn't see any helpful/ illuminating context around this bit.)

If Neurath means the Principia, I think that would be hilarious; the last word I would use to describe that book is 'thesaurus'...


At 27/3/13, Blogger Aaron Boyden said...

Hard to think what else he could mean. The word seems to have other meanings than "collection of synonyms," and some of the others seem vaguely appropriate to the Principia (though admittedly I've only ever heard it used to refer to a collection of synonyms; perhaps Neurath was misled by a dictionary into thinking other meanings were more commonly used than they are).

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