It's only a theory

I imagine just about everyone who reads this blog already knows the following, but... A big group blog in philosophy of science has recently been started by Gabriele Contessa. It's called It's Only a Theory, and Gabriele has assembled an all-star cast of contributors. For reasons beyond me, he also invited me to join. So in the future, my philosophy of science posts will usually be cross-posted both here and there; however, the history and logic posts will be here only.

Darwin day disappointment

In honor of Darwin's birthday today, I checked out a couple of recent books on Darwinism from the library: Michael Ruse's Darwinism and its Discontents and Philip Kitcher's Living with Darwin. After a quick perusal, both books looked pretty good; both are pitched at a more or less at a pop science/ pop philosophy of science level.

The 'disappointment' in this post's title is that, directly under every one of the chapter titles in Ruse's book, someone had written "answersingenesis.org". (Why every single chapter title?)