History of Philosophy of Science at the Philosophy of Science Association meeting?

I'm currently trying to figure out what, if anything, I should submit for the 2012 PSA. I was thinking of sending in a paper on Carnap, but then I had a look at the Program Committee (here's the list), and 0 of the 20 people on the committee work primarily in history of philosophy of science. Furthermore, at the last PSA (see here), there were zero papers in HOPOS -- though there was one HOPOS person on the Program Committee then. I remember that there were HOPOS papers at PSA's in the recent past (I'm certain there was a HOPOS session at the 2004 meeting, because I presented).

Although I'm mildly curious about why HOPOS has apparently dropped off the PSA's radar, I guess the more immediate question for me is whether I should bother submitting the Carnap paper.