Thanks to the Philosophy of Biology blog

I'd like to thank the folks over at the group blog Philosophy of Biology for kindly advertising the existence of my blog on their site. If anyone reading this has not checked out that blog, I'd strongly recommend it. Not only did they recently have a very enlightening interchange on the topic of Elisabeth Lloyd's new book, "The Case of the Female Orgasm", but they just posted a link to a Naked Mole Rat-Cam.


Anonymous said...

I've just bookmarked your blog, having been directed by 'philosophy of biology' (also bookmarked). I look forward to further reading.

Anonymous said...

I have posted a duplicate of Greg's 'p is a priori' post over at the Philosophy of Biology weblog. Roberta Millstein had some interesting questions regarding the practice of philosophy of science, and I wonder if someone over at this blog might want to address those questions (both here and over there).