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If any readers are going to be at the American Philosophical Association meeting this week in NYC, and want to see some obscure and confused ideas incarnate, I'll be presenting Friday morning (the 30th) at 9AM. It's a philosophical logic paper; you can preview it here.

Also, I noticed two brand-new blogs of potential interest: The Hedgehog Review, covering the early modern period, and Boundaries of Language, dealing with (you guessed it) philosophy of language.


Greg Frost-Arnold said...

Hi Kenny--

Thanks for the show of blogger solidarity. I'm hoping the time slot and time change don't conspire against me either -- I spent Christmas in California.

And it seems to me (from tracking your blog) that you go to every conference everywhere -- how do you manage that?

Aidan said...

Thanks for the plug, Greg. I'm sorry I'm not able to go to the APA. Look out for Dan Korman, who's giving a talk on Locke of all things, and the one and only Roy Cook who I think is responding to someone on indeterminate identity statements.

Oh, and if anyone makes it to the Florida guys' paper called 'A Definitive Refutation of Epistemicism', could you please post something on it's definitiveness? I'm intrigued..........