That's Doctor Obscure and Confused, to you

Yesterday I defended my dissertation. I wanted to thank, in this very small but nonetheless public space, all the folks here who helped me along with the dissertation: John Earman and Nuel Belnap, who served on my committee, Tom Ricketts, who unfortunately joined the Pittsburgh department a little too late to be on my official committee, but still read dissertation chapters with a fine-toothed comb, and talked to me about them -- and job-market issues -- for hours, Steve Awodey, who not only discussed Carnap with me innumerable times, but also helped me in the process of professionalization and acculturation into the circle of philosophers who study Carnap seriously, and finally my advisor, Laura Ruetsche, who not only gave me searching, insightful, and helpful comments at myriad points in the development of the dissertation project, but also helping me through the occasionally-panic-inducing job search process.

So, thanks to all -- I feel very lucky to have had the final years of my grad school career shaped by you. I hope other PhD students are as fortunate as I have been.


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Yup, congratulations Greg!